Urinetown, The Musical

Victoria Collage of the Arts, 2022

Photos by: Ben Fon

Created by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann, Urinetown presents a dystopian world where capitalism, political corruption and social imbalance not only exist but thrive. Despite a heavy subject matter, the musical plays into the comedy, the clichés, and the puns, as well as it’s self-realisation that it is a musical.

This context allows multiple interpretations where the design can either lean into the bleak eerily realistic world or to explore the opposite and embrace the absurdity.

Trudy Dunn (Director), Paul White (Musical Director), Freya List (Choreographer), Jessamine Moffett (Set Design), Isabella ‘Iz’ Zettl (Lighting), Taarani Charrett-Dunlop (Sound)

Role: Costume Design