The World That Was

Victoria Collage of the Arts, 2020

Photos by: Drew Echberg

Collect your ration pack, take off your gas mask, and tune into the world’s last radio broadcast.

In 2035, a normal transmission is interrupted by the end of the world, and we hear the station’s crew as they respond to the news. Cycling through anger, despair, hilarity and surprise dance sequences, listen to these people say goodbye to The World That Was.

SEMANTIC: Clare Taylor, Eloise McCreedy, Ruby Rawlings, Devon Campbell

CREDITS: Sasha Vulling (Set), Angus Donald (Costume), Sidney Younger (Light), Hex Robinson (Sound), Brooke Simmonds (SM)

Role: Workshop Crew

The World That Was by Semantic, VCA 2020
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The World That Was premiered online in November 2020. Please watch the video to view edited highlights from the production.