Watercolour and Ink Artwork by Zyra Bañez, 2017

The City Never Sleeps

watercolour, ink and pencil

240mm x 320mm, 2017

Created in January 2017, The City Never Sleeps is a watercolour, ink and pencil artwork created by Zyra Bañez for the Expressions Collection.

This collection features a curated list of artworks by Zyra under the theme of self expression and emotions. Like a diary, the Expressions Collection is a documentation of the inner most thoughts and secrets best said through art.

The City Never Sleeps is the fifth instalment to the collection with a focus on the never ending thoughts that float in our headspace.

“If the city never sleeps, then that makes two” from Ed Sheeran’s song The City is another inspiration for the artwork. Whilst different in meaning, the line is what inspired the parallel between the always bustling cities and our thoughts.

This original artwork is available to purchase. If interested, please email at hello@zyrabanez.com

watch video.

Watch the accompanying video of this artwork’s full process and artist commentary on YouTube.