Urinetown The Musical

Urinetown The Musical VCA Production 2022

Urinetown presents a dystopian world where capitalism, political corruption and social imbalance not only exist but thrive.

Wedding Guest Dress

This dress was designed and made for a personal project, worn as a wedding guest dress with a build in corset and puff sleeves.

Rats on Cocaine Prefer Jazz

Rats on Cocaine Prefer Jazz VCA Production 2021

The peasants are rioting and overthrowing their rulers. But once on top, what will the dissenters do? Will the cycle continue?


Optimism Set Design, Vectorworks by Zyra Bañez

A blue sky is the picture of optimism – despite negativity, tomorrow still exists, but what happens when there’s no longer a blu sky?

18th Century Costume

18th Century Witch Costume

This costume was designed and made for the subject Costume Construction in my second year of BFA (Design and Production) at the VCA.