Rats on Cocaine Prefer Jazz

Victoria Collage of the Arts, 2021

Photos by: Drew Echberg

The peasants are rioting. The peasants are overthrowing their rulers. But once on top, what will the dissenters do? Will the cycle continue, or will everything finally change?

Rats on Cocaine Prefer Jazz is a chilling dive into the ocean of the opulent and over-indulged. It explores how wealth and power affect our capacity for empathy.

PSYCHIC CYNTHIA & THE GOOD OMENS: Abigail Banister-Jones, Dougal Patterson, Kevin Horjevslev, Luce Wirthensohn, Sinead Fernandes

Océane Federow-Yemm (Light), Holly Fernanda (SM)

Role: Set and Costume Design & Maker


Designer & Maker: Aye Bañez