Watercolour Gouache Ink and Pencil Artwork by Zyra Bañez, 2018


watercolour, gouache, ink and pencil

148mm x 210mm, 2018

Perri the parrot lover. Created in 2018, Perri is a watercolour, gouache, ink and pencil artwork created by Zyra Bañez as a form of experimentation with colour and style.

Filled with bright colours and parrots, this artwork cemented the experimental style of this era. The colour palette that was also heavily featured in this collection were soft red, mustard yellow, sea-foam teal, warm green, burnt orange, grey grape and skin.

In the previous years, Zyra’s artworks involved limited and muted colour palettes influenced by minimalism. However, 2018 was the year that started to move away from neutrals and embrace a bit of colour, or perhaps a lot.

As a form of experimentation, solid colour blocks, bold shapes and plant imagery became consistent in Zyra’s artworks.

Due to the explosion of colours in this style, it was crucial to leave a sliver of white to bring balance to each artwork.

This original artwork is available to purchase. If interested, please email at hello@zyrabanez.com

watch video.

Watch the accompanying video of this artwork’s full process and artist commentary on YouTube.