VCA Student Project, 2021

A blue sky is the true picture of optimism – that despite the existence of negativity, a bright tomorrow still exists, but what happens when, one day, there’s no longer a blue sky?

Tom Wright’s Optimism adapts and compresses Voltaire’s 18th century Candide in a cheeky and  contemporary way to juxtapose the dark side of human behaviour. Optimism shows a worldly depiction of the different ways people live their lives.

This VCA individual student project involved set and costume design for the world of Optimism, which is a minimal yet surrealist interpretation of the limitless sky. Stripped back of location and time, the set transforms through lighting, interchangeable furniture, and imagination.

The costumes fused the extravagant silhouettes of the 18th century merged with contemporary styling, aimed to exaggerate the absurdity and foolishness of the characters.

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Character costumes

Costume Designer: Aye Bañez