Watercolour Ink and Pencil Artwork by Zyra Bañez, 2017

Is It a Sign?

watercolour, ink and pencil

180mm x 270mm, 2017

Created in late 2017, Is It a Sign is a watercolour, ink and pencil artwork created by Zyra Bañez for the Expressions Collection.

This collection features a curated gallery of artworks by Zyra under the theme of self expression and emotions. Like a diary, the Expressions Collection is a documentation of the inner most thoughts and secrets best said through art.

Is It a Sign is the last instalment to the collection with a focus on uncertainties with our journey, always looking for a guide on what to do next – always looking for a sign.

This artwork is a dedication to the times when we feel confused about the path we’re taking.

This original artwork is available to purchase. If interested, please email at hello@zyrabanez.com