Watercolour and Ink Artwork by Zyra Bañez, 2015

But That's How We Grow

watercolour and ink

210mm x 297mm, 2015

Created in December 2015, But That’s How We Grow is a watercolour and ink artwork created by Zyra Bañez for the Expressions Collection.

This collection features a curated gallery of artworks by Zyra under the theme of self expression and emotions. Like a diary, the Expressions Collection is a documentation of the inner most thoughts and secrets best said through art.

But That’s How We Grow is the second instalment to the collection with a focus on personal growth through struggle.

The juxtaposition of humans and plants represent the idea that humans also require nurture and care the same way plants do in order to blossom. 

We experience pain, sorrow, loss and all kinds of negativity, but that’s how we grow.

This original artwork is available to purchase. If interested, please email at hello@zyrabanez.com

watch video.

Watch the accompanying video of this artwork’s full process and artist commentary on YouTube.