Watercolour and Ink Artwork by Zyra Bañez, 2016

Built as Warriors

watercolour, ink and pencil

210mm x 297mm, 2016

Created in September 2016, Built as Warriors is a watercolour, ink and pencil artwork created by Zyra Bañez for the YouTube Artist Collective.

This collective featured several artists from the YouTube community with a shared goal to create an artwork each month based on a selected theme voted by the community.

The September theme was Steampunk. After further research to the origins and modern interpretations of the theme, Built as Warriors was created.

By exploring the use of machinery and industrial elements in steampunk costumes, this artwork drew a similarity between machinery and humans. Does a missing part hinder humans from functioning the same way machines fail?

Humans are not machines, but just like how machines were once built for battle, humans were also equipped with the ability to fight everyday life like warriors.

This original artwork is available to purchase. If interested, please email at hello@zyrabanez.com

watch video.

Watch the accompanying video of this artwork’s full process and artist commentary on YouTube.