Victoria Collage of the Arts, 2020

Photos by: Drew Echberg

Strap in – got a show for ya. It’s a gamble: could be a shitshow, could be the best thing you’ve ever seen. Time for a game of…Baccarat.


Don’t hate the house: they’re just doing their job. In fact, come and see them in action: the cashiers, the cleaners, the croupiers and the morticia–


Oops, never mind about that one.


And if you don’t like what you see, don’t worry: the PR team can cut you – I mean, cut it up for you…


THE GERMAN ROMANTICS: Erin Higgins, Belle Hansen, Matilda Gibbs, Eamon Dunphy, Joe Kenny, Sabina Gerardi, Max Greenham


Role: Workshop Crew

Bacarrat masks
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Baccarat premiered online in November 2020. To watch edited highlights from this production, please watch the video.

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