but that's how we grow, 2019

2010, 19cm x 20cm

watercolours, ink and gouache

Zyra Bañez, also known as Aye by her peers, is a Filipino artist and multidisciplinary designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She takes inspiration from various fields of design: fashion, animation, interior and architecture. These are consistently seen in her work despite her ever evolving style and media.


Her media of choice are watercolours, gouache and ink since they can create both expressive yet detailed artworks. Recently, Zyra is exploring digital media and crafting in her work.


Her decades of practice in art and illustration along with social media helped her establish an online following locally and internationally.


Zyra also worked and expanded her skills as a graphic designer, social media manager and video editor.


Now, Zyra enters a new scene of costume and set design for theatre. She has a blossoming portfolio that showcases the many talents she has in her ever growing creative arsenal.


Interested in working with Zyra? Send us an email at hello@zyrabanez.com

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