A Stretch of the Imagination

VCA Master of Theatre (Directing), 2021

When we die, do you think we’ll be remembered? Maybe by those left behind. We’ve all got someone, don’t we? And if we don’t, it’ll be up to the angels up above to figure it all out.

This production was an online Zoom exclusive of the creative development process. The showing was an early stage incantation of a world where nobody dies without remembrance. It’s Monk O’Neil’s turn to be truly remembered. For better, or for worse.

DIRECTOR: Andrew Signor

CREDITS: Tarah Carey (Dramaturg), Noah Huxtable (Light), Mara Schwerdtfeger (Sound), Casuarina O’Brien (Casting), Isobelle De Livera (SM)

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Angel costume

Costume Designer: Aye Bañez