hi there! I'm zyra.

All around creative – I love to express myself in many different art forms, whether it’s on paper, on stage or on screen. That makes me a multidisciplinary artist and designer!

zyra bañez.

That’s me! One important thing about me is that I take lots of inspiration from fashion, animation and pop culture! These influences can be seen consistently in my work throughout the years despite my ever evolving art style and media.


With decades of practice in art and illustration, as well an increasing experience in graphic design, I am so thrilled to now add a blossoming portfolio of costume and set design for theatre to my ever growing creative arsenal.

costume designer.

That’s right! I’m currently studying costume and set design at the VCA in Melbourne, Australia. My portfolio showcases a handful of student projects and live productions that demonstrate my creativity and talent. I’m always on the lookout to learn new skills and put them to the test!

artist and illustrator.

I’ve been doodling, sketching and drawing for as long as I can remember. Because of that, my art and illustrations have captured the youthfulness, growth and experimentation I’ve done over time. I like working with watercolours, gouache and ink, and now I’m moving onto creating art with digital media.

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shop now.

Did you know my artworks are now available to purchase as art prints, originals, stickers, stationery and apparel? If you’re interested, simply browse my online shop for items that spark creativity and inspiration.

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graphic designer.

Here’s another fun fact, I now have over 4 years of experience (and counting) as a graphic designer and social media manager. I’ve worked for both creative agencies and as a freelancer, specialising in fashion and retail, branding, as well as corporate and commercial collateral.


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content creator.

Social media plays a big part in my growth as an artist and designer. I’ve consistently shared my art and creative journey through YouTube and Instagram in hopes to inspire and teach people how to draw. Want to learn how to draw like me? Watch my videos!

social media.

Speaking of social media, please follow me on my other social media platforms for regular content on art, tutorials, crafting and so much more!

I sometimes have news.

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